About the photographer

I have been involved in freelance photography for thirty four years, and photography in general for forty nine. I used a camera for the first time at age thirteen (a Kodak Brownie 44a 127 roll film camera). Since then I have worked with small, medium, and large format film cameras. In 2004 digital technology had matured sufficiently for me to invest in my first DSLR. My current front line equipment comprises medium format DSLRs and a late 1970s Pentax 67 that gets occasional outings along with a Spotmeter V.

Photography should be more than just photocopying. The purpose of photography is to create, not just to replicate. The art of painting will often lead an artist to look for essence rather than the detail of a subject. Photography should do the same.

Kodak Brownie 44a

David Griffiths

Groundstar Shadowlight Art

Drawing with Light